We often take our carpets for granted, but it’s worth remembering that they deal with an huge amount of “living” in our home and can contribute to the overall scent of the house.

No matter how hard you clean your carpets, some dirt and dust will still linger. That’s why it may be a good idea to rent out or hire someone to deep clean your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners normally come with a cleaning agent so that the material is shampooed while the dust is being sucked up.


When its the holidays we are in the kitchen around the clock, so for the next tip we are taking a look at our kitchen counters. It’s vital to wipe surfaces after preparing your Christmas food as uncooked meats can leave germs and bacteria behind, and there is no time to get sick when family and guests are coming.

And since you have towel and cleaner in hand, try doing a once over around your chairs and tables that will regularly have people around them.


Did you know that Cox Cleaning will clean your oven? Before we start on the enormous feast that the holidays require, take some time to clean out the most overlooked appliance by far. With built up grime from holiday’s past front and central, don’t let this distract you from the wonderful meals and snacks you will be giving to others.


You will need some space for a tree or other local gathering spot. So we suggest clearing a space you know will be central to gifts or guests.

If you think… everything right now is in its place, its not. We always have time to sort through our belongings. Think to yourself, ‘Have I used this within the last six months?’ If not, consider throwing it out or donating it to charity. You’ll be surprised how much extra room a quick clean-out can give you.


We all have the “nice set” of silverware or dishes we set aside for special occasions, well now is the time to bring it on out. Set some time aside to clean and polish your pieces so that when guest arrive, your holiday will feel extra special.

And since you are in the polishing mood… yes one can become happy while polishing. Think about doing a once over on your frames and reflective surfaces. Let the glow of the holidays really be shown at your house.


We all like to look are best, and when the holidays are here we really go all out. I mean how can we not. With all of the office, friends, family, and group parties to attend, we really get quite festive. So take a few minutes one day, look through your wardrobe, take out the pieces you know you will wear. If they need cleaning, darning or even pressing… you’ll know this ahead of time not twenty minutes before guests arrive (we’ve all done it!)

Your home shouldn’t be the only one dazzling your guests this Christmas. Plan your outfits for the festive period and make sure that they are spick and span and ready to show you off. If there’s enough time beforehand, you could always get your party attire dry-cleaned to give you a picture-perfect outfit.


This tip goes back to our previous year’s post on holiday decor organization. If your decorations are stored correctly, then there is not much cleaning to do. But sometimes life happens, and maybe we stuck all the garland in an open bag, and maybe we left all the ornaments just up on the tree… it’s okay. Put aside some time to give them a good clean before hanging them up and they’ll soon look as good as new.

When going through your Christmas decorations, make sure that everything still works. Fairy lights, for example, have a certain shelf life and if one bulb goes the whole set sometimes won’t work. Test them before you decorate your tree to see if you need to invest in a new set.

We hope these few tips help get you in the right mind set. Happy Holidays and remember…

Be clean, Be happy, Be healthy!


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