I know no one will ever be in the “taking down” mood, but as we look forward to the new year, we have to let go of our Holiday Past. So here are a few tips on how to clean up, post holidays.

1. Have a good attitude. Yes. I just wrote have a good attitude and sure will make a difference.  Here’s why. We have found that it is incredibly easy to slip into a mood of sulkiness when ending the holidays, and it is mainly because we are all so tired. So remember yes, it’s work. But, honestly, it’s work that we must remember to be grateful for, remember the spirit of the season should last all year, right?

2. Create mini-goals. When  This is true when starting any major project. Take each part in tasks. Create mini goals for what your plan is, depending on your schedule and home…  it may take you more than a day, and that’s okay. Knowing that you are knocking off smaller challenges can make things feel less overwhelming. Also don’t feel ashamed to reward yourself after you tackle each task… for instance, a Starbucks latte when the tree is all done. Priorities, right?

3. Donate. This is the best way by far to keep the spirit of the holidays going. After we have received so much, it is a perfect time to give back to others. So when we are cleaning and going through our holiday decor and the rest of our home… consider making donations of the items you know will not be used anymore.

4. Get the kids involved. (If you’re a risk taker – haaha). If you have kids, that have too much time off for the holidays, get them involved. Having them tackle a few small tasks… can relieve you of additional stress! Also, it also helps remind them to be grateful for all the blessings that they recently received.

5. Enjoy that moment where the house feels like it’s gained an enormous amount of space. Seriously. Have you ever had that?  Once the tree is down you might think, did we gain another room. This is one of the best feelings. It also makes us think, did we really need everything that was once here? Think about this, before you refill the space, post tree.

7. Be thankful. Take a moment and just be thankful. For your family, for the time to spend together, for the freedom to celebrate the Holidays, for the year, and for the new year, for health, for the presents that you received, and so forth. Let the process of taking down the Holidays decorations be a lesson of gratitude.

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