For many families, buying a live tree is tradition. Sadly, with the beauty of this real tree comes the beast of the pine needle dilemma. So what can you do to, well not much sadly, the needles will fall. However, here are a few ways to pick them up.

Vacuuming: Before you begin vacuuming up pine needles, go ahead and empty the vacuum bag or canister—pine needles en masse get very bulky very quickly, and your vacuum will perform the pine-needle-pick-up task much better if it has an empty canister or bag. This is also the time to break out your attachments; you’ll want to go in for the hose, rather than the brush, which will allow more space for the pine needles to take the journey from floor to dirt chamber.

Sweeping: If you’ve got a rubber broom, great. They’re better for cleaning up pine needles because they don’t stick to the bristles. This is our best option and easiest to use. This might require an extra step (purchasing a rubber brush) but it can be used for pet, hair, outdoor and car cleaning. So its definitely worth it.

Oversized lint rollers: This is great when doing last quick minute touch ups, or if the needles have fallen on any surrounding furniture. A quick but efficient way to tidy up. We don’t suggest using lint rollers for a large space because you waste too many of them and for anyone with back problems it might seem difficult to be on the ground for so long.

MacGyvering:  Hey when all else fails, turn to tape. For those of you who remember what like was like before lint rollers, tape just about solved all our issues. Same goes for those darn needles. Make what we call a rollie pollie wrapping the tape around your hand and go at it!

Hope this can help, enjoy your tree!

Be clean, Be happy, Be healthy.



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