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With the devastating results of Hurricane Harvey, Cox Cleaning would like to extend our hearts and prayers to all affected by this disaster.

Here is what we can do to help! Although monetary contributions to the Disaster Relief services are the best way to help, many families are still in need. Here is what you can donate to your local Red Cross.

  1. Blankets, we all have those extra “emergency blankets” in our closets, why not bring them out for their final debut.
  2. Clothing, remember the closet tutorial we posted earlier this month!? If you still have those clothes in bags lying around… donate them! If your kids have shot up two inches over the summer, there are plenty of children who could use them.
  3. Water, any extra cases you might have around from road trips, tournaments, birthday parties are in huge demand. Water is always a necessity.
  4. Blood, can’t find anything around the house to give? Give the gift of life with a blood donation. Check here for Drive Locations near you.

We all have a chance to help these next few weeks. Let’s all do our part to help our friends in Texas.

Be Safe, Be Happy, Be Healthy


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