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The 3 Rounds of De-Cluttering Are:

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Tips  to your perfect clutter free spring cleaning!

  • Round 1 – You’ll toss items that need to be tossed
  • Round 2 – You’ll put items into boxes for donation… the gift of giving!
  • Round 3 – You’ll put items aside that have some value, and you’d like to sell.

Best way to start is by tossing what you don’t want

Stopping at each room, fill a trash bag with obvious items you want to toss! When you are sorting though, think about if you really can’t live without the item, or the last time you even used it. A good rule of thumb, if it hasn’t been used in 6 month (besides seasonal items) go ahead and toss it! If you hate, have too many of, or see that its broken… Toss It!!

Round one is now done!!! As we start round two remember we are in the season of giving! This round will be for anything you don’t use but is still in great shape for someone else! Think about these items as “are they easily replaced” “do I have multiple” “am I considering purchasing a new one” ? If yes, donate donate donate!!!

The last round presented the gift of Gold!! Consignment is definitely back, and with all the new apps: 5miles, Craigslist, and FB garage sales allow for everyone to make a little money this holiday season!! For those items you know are just brand new or could serve someone else, try cashing them in! 

Hope these three steps help make your spring cleaning easier!


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