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6 Deep Cleaning Tips for Every Room

Don’t let the fear of a Deep Clean get you down, follow these 6 tips for a deep clean in any room!

1. Declutter Just a Bit. Find a place for all unsorted items, and for those clutter items that have gone untouched/ unused for too long… let’s just throw them out! Don’t you feel better already? (Remember, leave your closet mess for another day, don’t get too overwhelmed.) Getting rid of surface clutter helps you see your end goal much faster and just makes things go easier.

2. Start High, Go Low. Start with the ceiling and work down. Too often as a child I would vacuum the floors and dust only to forget the mothership of dust bunnies that sit on the fan. Starting top to bottom will mean less work for you! The best tool you can use for every surface is a microfiber cloth. Talk about getting into every nook and cranny. Cleaning above eye level you will just be using water on your cloth… But below, where there is actual dirt plus dust, use warm water mixed with a drop of dish soap. (In bathrooms, add a splash of white vinegar to stop mold.) Where a mop is unwieldy, use a microfiber cloth. Rinse often and wring thoroughly.

3. Yep, You Do Windows. Windows are just scary in numbers. Start with removing screens and vacuuming the dust out of seals. And old trick my dad taught me: the best trick for windows is Windex and Newspapers. I, to this day have never found something that can beat the streak free results like the daily classifieds. Just remember one window at a time and if there are windows to high for reach, call a professional. Safety first!

4. Spruce Up Those Window Treatments. There is no need to take down the blinds or shutters, most vacuums have brush attachments that pull up the unwanted dirt and dust in a breeze.

5. Ditch the Dust. Dust is a world traveler; it will be everywhere. But with the help of a microfiber and some wood or multi-surface cleaner you can limit its’ stay. Go ahead now a clean the remaining surfaces in the room.

6. Refresh Those Floors. We unfortunately can not all have a iRoomba so the last step involves a little man power. There is really no way around it “Literally”, we have to move that furniture. In order to get that needed deep clean, means pushing back that sofa and lifting the rugs up. This portion involves your last remaining efforts… so go ahead put your heart in soul into this step. Because after you treat your floors. Take a look back! You are done.

That wasn’t too hard was it?

Be Clean, Be Happy, Be Healthy