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7 Qualities of a Good Professional Cleaning Company

Whether you need to have your house professionally cleaned one time for a family reunion or every few weeks to keep things tidy and healthy, it is essential to hire a professional cleaning company you can trust to get the job done right and in the most efficient way possible. While that sounds great on paper, many homeowners say making that choice is easier said than done.

There are literally dozens of options within a stone’s throw of your home or business right now, and each is likely claiming you can’t go wrong by choosing them. But the reality is that you can go wrong — and you can waste a lot of time and money in the process.

No two cleaning companies are created equal, and the right one for you is sprinkled somewhere in the middle of all the chaos. We’d love for you to choose Cox Cleaning for all your residential and commercial cleaning needs. But whether you do or not, our goal is to be a resource for anyone we come in contact with — whether in person or through a blog post like this. So we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 qualities every good professional cleaning company should possess.

You’ve Found a Winner If …

  1. Credibility — Credibility is a key quality a professional cleaning company cultivates through years of experience and strengthens through its reputation and relationships with other homeowners, local businesses, and even your friends and family. A credible cleaning company is easy to find simply by looking through their online reviews. You’ll likely see and hear words and comments like fair, honest, doesn’t cut corners, and only promises what they can deliver.
  2. Longevity — There are likely newer cleaning services out there that you can trust. But there are very few substitutes for industry experience and longevity in the community. For example, Cox Cleaning has served its community for over 23 years. That means we’ve seen and cleaned it all. It also means we are easy to find and are here to stay.
  3. Organized — A good professional cleaning company always shows up on time with the right cleaning equipment for your home’s unique needs. They have a plan, keep you in the loop every step of the way, and pride themselves on eliminating any guesswork.
  4. Commitment to quality — Whoever you hire should be devoted to a perfect cleaning with each visit. Hiring a professional cleaning service for the house or workplace should minimize the amount of germs, bacteria, mold, etc., that can quickly accumulate and make you, your family, employees, and even customers sick.
  5. Versatility — The last thing you want to hear from a cleaning company is, “Oh, we don’t do that.” A good professional cleaning company has services that run the gamut, including window washing, toilet cleaning, baseboard cleaning, carpet care, etc. As you are searching for the right option for you, take note of their list of services, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  6. Personable — This quality should honestly be higher on the list. Whether you’re dealing with a hands-on owner or a team of professionals, a cleaning service should be experts at making their clients feel comfortable with each interaction. They should want to get to know you and the rest of your family or team, and they should want to foster trusting relationships. If you don’t feel comfortable with a standoffish cleaning company, why invite them into your home?
  7. Solutions-minded — You know you found a good professional cleaning company when their staff is honest about what they see in your home and how they might be able to help. They are solutions-finders, and this goes a long way in showing whose side they are on and the investment they have in providing real value to each client.

Call Cox Cleaning — the Only Professional Cleaning Service You Need!

Cox Cleaning in Flower Mound, TX, has been making lasting “clean” impressions for 23 years. We are a top-rated residential and commercial cleaning service, and we continue to thrive because we live here, love to serve our community, and genuinely care about cleaning homes and businesses in Denton County for an attractive price. Let us thoroughly clean your home or business and relieve you of the stress of cleaning.

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