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Blinded by the Light…or the Dust?

Today we are talking about everyone’s most dreaded cleaning chore! The Blinds!

A simple enough task sure, but man does it take forever! With this new #blindhack we will be back enjoying the sunshine in no time!

Thanks to OneCrazyHouse for the great idea!

Here are the things you’ll need: tongs, two microfiber dust cloths (you may want to have some extra for swapping out when the originals get dusty), and four rubber bands.

Wrap your dust cloths around each side of your tongs and secure with two rubber bands a piece. Make sure that the smooth side of the dust cloth faces in and the seam is on the side or back for the most effective dusting.

I mean it does not get any easier than this! Now if you are still having a hard time removing dirt, try spraying your favorite cleaner on the mircofiber cloth for even more cleaning power.

This hack will definitely cut your cleaning time in half, just note… if your blinds are as dirty as mine you may need to switch out or flip your microfiber cloth out in-between windows for the best results.

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy all that new sunshine coming in!

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