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7 Tips to Find Motivation to Clean Your House

The last thing you want to do this weekend is clean up after yourself and your family. But here you are, staring at a laundry list of chores without a single ounce of motivation to clean your house. Trust us — we totally understand.

How does one psych themselves up to clean the baseboards, scrub toilets, and vacuum the kids’ rooms?

Why would anyone voluntarily subject themselves to this much laundry?

Finding the right amount of motivation to clean your house isn’t easy. But you know it’s absolutely necessary — especially if you haven’t hired a cleaning service to do it for you. You’ll blink, and a few more weeks of dirt, grime, and utter filth will have accumulated — and then you’ll really be kicking yourself. The good news is that there are a few tricks out there to ease the burden if you’re willing to grab a mop and just … get … started.

7 Tips to Find Motivation to Clean Your House

  1. Break everything into smaller tasks — Just thinking about trying to deep clean an entire house in one day is enough to make anyone run the other way. So the easy answer is don’t. Stay motivated by giving yourself enough grace to only clean one particular space or complete one or two tasks each day (downstairs, upstairs, just the bedrooms, garage, laundry, etc.). Then, move on to the rest of the house or another chore the next day or even the following weekend.
  2. Listen to music/watch TV — We have a friend who waits until he’s sitting in front of the TV watching college basketball to fold laundry. We have another friend who blares some pretty amazing tunes while vacuuming and cleaning baseboards. Find what works for you and take advantage. You’d be surprised how quickly you get through your chores when you have music, television, or something else helping to pass the time by.
  3. Set a timer — If you’re motivated by deadlines, setting a timer is a great way to clean your house without feeling like you’re locked in for an all-day saga. Simply tell yourself, “I’m going to give this chore one hour of my day,” and see what you can get done in that timeframe. You may be surprised by how much you accomplish, which means you’re less likely to quit.
  4. Get everyone involved — You can clean an entire house in half the time if your husband is on dishwashing duty, you’re on bathroom duty, and the kids are responsible for cleaning their rooms. Divide and conquer, my friends.
  5. Take before and after pics — This is a fun way to find motivation to clean your house. A little quirky but definitely fun. All you have to do is take a photo of the messiest part of your home, clean it, and then take another photo. It’s oddly satisfying.
  6. Find a reason — If you absolutely despise cleaning your house, but you don’t want to hire anyone, the next solution is to give yourself a hard-and-fast reason. For example, you’ve got family coming over for Christmas dinner. Or, you’ve got friends coming over for an impromptu game night. With guests on the horizon, you’ll be extra motivated to clean.
  7. Reward yourself — Motivation takes many forms, and there’s no harm in rewarding yourself for a job well done. So pick something (dinner at your favorite restaurant, a spa day, etc.) and treat yourself after a long day of cleaning your house.

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