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Christmas in July

Holiday decorating can add it’s fair share of stress to your Christmas season. After the fun, family and friends leave the equation it is hard to remain in the “spirit of the season” while cleaning up decorations. Often we may even find ourselves placing items where they don’t belong just to get them out of the picture. So with a little help from our CC Elves, we have 10 tips to get you organized and excited about the holiday season!

1. Use clear storage bins with colored lids

Clear storage bins make it easy to see what you have inside. 66 quart bins with side latches and colored tops hold a lot, but aren’t too large to carry. They are sturdy, stackable, the lids won’t accidentally pop off, and the lids are colored coordinated for the season. For example: Christmas decor is stored in bins with red lids, fall decor is stored in bins with orange lids. This makes finding the correct bins a breeze!

2. Classify storage bins according to ornament color

Label each bin with a specific color or theme, for example: Silver & Gold, Coastal Decor, Red, White, Family Ornaments, etc. Sort and store all the Christmas decor in the classified bin.

3. Store ornaments in gallon sized bags

Do you no longer have the original boxes that your ornaments came in? No problem! Fill a gallon sized zip lock bag with ball ornaments. Gallon bags will hold a large quantity of ornament balls and take up less space in your storage bin. The bags work well for beaded garland too.

4. Store wreaths in clear plastic bags

Wrap a wreath in a clear plastic garbage bag and hang it on a hanger for easy identification, to keep it dust free and protected from getting crushed.

5. Sort wrapping paper and supplies in a shoe organizer

Keep wrapping paper organized and tidy by storing the rolls in an over the door shoe organizer. Simply cut the bottoms off of the middle shoe bins. Use the top bins to store scissors, tape and gift tags. Target will have great deals on these right before school (Dorm Organization)

6. Keep ornaments moisture free

Don’t toss away those silica packets that come in shoe boxes. Place one or two inside each storage bin to keep the contents from moisture and mold damage. This is especially important if you are storing your bins in a garage.

7. Label artificial greenery

Label artificial greenery like swags and garlands with large tags for quick and easy identification.

8. Stuff stocking hangers inside the stockings

Protect those heavy stocking hangers from scratches, dings, and tarnishing by stuffing them inside their coordinating stocking.

9. Protect Delicate Icicle Ornaments with Paper Tubes

Protect those beautiful and delicate icicle ornaments by wrapping them in paper towel and storing them inside either 2 toilet paper tubes taped together or one paper towel tube. Then place the tubes in a gallon bag.

10. Keep lights tangle free with cardboard

Cut scrap rectangles of cardboard and wrap strings of lights around each piece. Store in a clear plastic container.

How wonderful would it be to start your Holiday decorating knowing exactly where everything is. Talk about a worry free holiday, no more spending hours de-tangling lights, and wondering where the stocking holders are! Spending a little bit of time prepping for the holidays will be a present in itself!

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