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Road Trip Ready

There is just a few weeks left of Summer Vacation! Before you head off on your last family road trip, check out this list of easy ways to keep your car clean while road tripping. You and all your passengers will be much happier traveling in a car that stays clean!

Before you go, start with a clean car. Get rid of clutter, accumulated garbage, and anything you’ve been storing in the trunk that you won’t need during your trip. {First aid and emergency items should definitely stay}.

Keep a few cleaning supplies on hand during your trip to make any mishaps easier to clean up. A spray bottle filled with a mixture of water and laundry stain remover is a good thing to have to stay on top of any spills. Disinfectant wipes are helpful for cleaning dirty and sticky door handles, or booster seats. Baby wipes are a necessity for wiping up messy hands and faces.

Be sure to set rules for what foods are allowed in the car during the trip, since it’s inevitable that there will be food. A good idea from Real Simple is to limit drinks to clear liquids and set a “no condiments” rule. In case of a spill this will make your life much easier! Keep non-messy snacks for kids in a plastic box with small compartments.

Every time you have to make a stop for gas or snacks, have everyone help make a quick sweep of the car. Collect all accumulated trash, such as empty drink cups and snack wrappers, and throw it in the gas station trash can. Change out any full trash bags. If there are any spills, take a minute to wipe them up.

So with a clutter free car, family and friends… who is ready to hit the road!

Be Clean, Be Happy, Be Healthy!