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Eliminating Bad Smells in Your Home

Odor Maskers

How they work: The name implies it, they mask odor. They will take the current smell in your home and cover it with an even stronger scent “fresh”. The original smell will not be eliminated just replaced temporarily with a slightly more pungent mask.

What to use: Air fresheners will get the job in they do tend to have the distinct aerosol-like odor. for another option try lighting a few candles or even simmering some water on the stove and add fresh citrus peels. The steam from the water will act as a natural diffuser leaving you with a fresh smelling space without the spray!

When to use them: If you are expecting guests try using the steaming method at least 30 minutes before your company arrives.

Odor Eliminators

How they work: An odor eliminator being acidic will balance out the smells in your home with are alkaline based. When they combine they counter each other and the smell becomes neutralized.

What to use: White vinegar is the super hero of all cleaning products. Not only will it remove smells, but paired with baking soda it will give your surfaces the extra cleaning they need. Simply placing a bowl filled with white vinegar alone will remove the bad smell in your home within two days. One of our favorite things to do is run half water, half white vinegar through our coffee maker. The steam from the pot will fill your air and balance out those unwanted smells. Oh! Your coffee pot will be cleaned as well, win win?

When to use them: These two methods are really for people wanting a odor free home, but being such an easy method try once a week for basic results. Little effort and big results!

Additional Tips

What to do daily: Nothing beats fresh air! Open your windows, bring in the outdoors it will help keep your home smelling neutral. I know the best feeling is waking up to a cool breeze during summer mornings, and an added bonus a clean smelling room! While it’s not always an option due to climate or safety reasons, it is an easy solution if you’re not facing restrictions.

Smells you might be missing: I know it may sound funny but keep a clean trashcan. Often, food can seep out of the bag and onto the floor of the trashcan. Be sure to clean out your trashcan twice a month for any unwanted trash or food lingering below. Another food build up area is your sink disposal, food and well basically no telling what else escapes down that path. The best way to keep a fresh smelling sink in by adding lemon slices and running hot water through the drain.

And for pet owners: Good news! Your four legged friends can still stay in all of their favorite places (couch, bed, everywhere you want to sit). Simply sprinkle baking soda on the surface of area needing to be cleaned and wait 15 minutes. Then vacuum for immediate results and fresh scents!

Be Clean, Be Happy, Be Healthy