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Rainy Day Cleaning Secrets

Bring in More Light:

Whether you are reading or having dinner with your family, lighting makes a difference. In order to receive the most out of your indoor lights you need to keep your light fixtures clean. Removing the glass outer shell use a damp cloth to remove excess dirt, bugs, or dust from the fixture. If your glass fixture is clear, try using a glass cleaner to avoid streaks and drips. You will be amazed out the amount of light that will be able to pass through the your new and improved fixture.

Relax… Breath In, Breath Out: But Not Dust!

Clean your vents! Using a simple feather duster or micro cloth clean the outside air vents and if you have floor vents, vacuum inside. Floor vents are the perfect catch all for buttons and change. For a deeper clean, remove vent cover from wall and give it a good scrub.

Polish Hardware & Wood:

To deep clean brass door hinges, handles clean surface thoroughly then wipe with a damp microfiber cloth and clean with a brass cleaner. Dish soap shines up glass or stainless steel knobs. Using something as simple as a Q-Tip will help you get into small creases in filigree handles and legs. If you have small scratches in your cabinets or tables, using a one small food item will bring your stain back to life. Walnuts have natural oils in them that will fill the crack in your wood and add the natural stain back to your furniture. Take the walnut and smudge around and on the scratch, though not a permanent solution it will get the job done.

Don’t let the rain get you down! With these easy steps you can bring a little bit of life back into your home on gloomy days. Remember a clean home is a happy home!

Be Clean. Be Happy. Be Healthy.