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Top 10 Most Overlooked Places to Clean in Your Home

We get it; keeping your home clean is no easy task. There are literally a million places for things like dust, mold, mildew, etc., to accumulate in your home, and just when you think you’ve deep-cleaned every nook and cranny and used every microfiber cloth, you worry that you may still have missed a few spots. But what are those overlooked places to clean in your home? 

That’s the question we will answer in today’s blog post!

These spots are all too easy to overlook

Lampshades — That cute lampshade you bought a few months or years ago is a magnet for dust and dirt. Not only does that take away from the look and feel of whatever room it’s in, but it also impacts the quality of light you’re getting as well as the air quality. Keep in mind that how you clean your lampshade depends on the material (fabric, silk, etc.) and may require several steps.

Curtains — Ahhh, yes. The curtains! While curtains don’t get touched a lot, they are still susceptible to dust and lint and should be vacuumed regularly to ensure the air you breathe is as clean as possible.

High-contact areas — Most homeowners quickly think of surfaces such as countertops, sinks, toilets, and TV remotes. But there are so many overlooked places to clean in your home that get used quite a bit. This includes everything from light switches to doorknobs, stair rails, other handles, refrigerator doors, computers, dining chairs, table surfaces, and even kids’ toys.

Baseboards and door frames — We don’t know many people (except our team at Cox Cleaning) who enjoy cleaning baseboards. But it’s a necessary evil to get down on your hands and knees every few weeks and start scrubbing with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Here are a few extra tips to keep those baseboards clean. And don’t forget about those door frames, too.

Bath mats — Need we say more? You should wash these every week, if possible.

Ceiling fans — Turn your ceiling fan off for a second and look up once it stops spinning! Your ceiling fan blades are likely caked with dust and dirt. The same is likely true for the fan motor itself. To keep your fans working properly, especially during the summer, make sure you’re getting up there every few days with a duster.

Fake plants — The best part about fake plants is that they don’t die and can stay pretty year-round. But they still get dusty. If it’s been a few months since you’ve taken a close look at your fake plants, you may be surprised at how dirty they really are.

Throw pillows — Everyone loves throw pillows; they’re comfy and must-have accent pieces for almost any room. They’re also filthy and often neglected. It’s important to throw the covers in the washer or use a gentle hand-cleaning process every few weeks to account for dust, pet stains, food spills, general odors, and bacteria.

TV screen — Everyone has a big-screen TV, and very few people dust the screen to ensure the best movie-watching experience. But before you start cleaning that TV with window cleaner and paper towels, pay attention to what type of TV you have. Each has specific cleaning instructions to avoid scratches and fading. More often than not, a soft microfiber cloth may be all you need.

Picture frames — One of the best ways to make your house feel like a home is to hang pictures on the walls. But don’t forget to clean them, too. Picture frames quickly get dusty and are still one of the more overlooked places to clean in your home.

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