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Stop Sharing your Cold: What to Clean when your Family is Sick

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All it takes is a few sniffles and sneezes for a cold to set in. We all know as soon as one person has it, the whole family does. Why should we wait for the inevitable, we are here to help you stop the spread of germs and sickness with cleaning tips for your home.

Follow this order once you notice that sniffles have arrived once again!

  1. HAND TOWELS: It is important to change out your hand towels. Towels are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, especially when not dried out correctly. Try changing hand towels daily, until everyone feels better.
  2. CLEAN BATHROOMS: 15 Minutes! That’s all it takes to wipe down your bathroom, take a couple minutes with either disinfectant wipes or a towel and Clorox and wipe down all surfaces. This includes, sink tops and handles, toilet seats and flushers, anything that is touched by hand really. If you are fortunate to have more than two bathrooms in your home, trying having the person sick be contained to one bathroom until they are better.
  3. COMMON AREAS: Sanitize all common areas, including door handles, tables, counters and chairs.
  4. ELECTRONICS: Any elementary science fair student can tell you that a keyboard contains more bacteria than a toilet seat! Wipe down all electronics, especially phones and tablets. Le’t think about this, these items for the most pat are going from hands to face, they are put in pockets, bags, and they go with us everywhere. These should be cleaned with LCD approved alcohol wipes.
  5. WASH BEDDING: I am sure everyone’s doctor has mentioned to change your pillow case once a week to prevent acne and bacteria from spreading. This is important when you are sick too! Replace pillow cases twice a week when someone becomes sick.
  6. WASH TOYS: All plastic toys should be cleaned off with disinfectant, and stuffed animals should be ran through the dryer. We think it is adorable when our kid’s play doctor with their teddy bears, but it is not so cute when their toys keep them from getting better!
  7. TOOTHBRUSHES: Clean toothbrushes in peroxide every night for five minutes after you finish brushing, also make sure to dispose of your toothbrush after the sickness is over!

We hope these steps will help your family prevent the cold/ flu from spreading in your home. Don’t forget, for any of these steps to be effective we have to KEEP WASHING OUR HANDS! 

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy

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