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8 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

You’ve been trying your best to keep your home clean on your own rather than hire a professional cleaning service. But between work, the kids, pets, guests, and day-to-day life, the struggle is real. And that doesn’t even include the fact that even when you do clean, you never feel like you did a good enough job or accounted for every nook and cranny.

Don’t worry — we’re sure you did a great job! But maybe it is time to hire a professional cleaning service. Whether you are too busy to clean or cleaning isn’t necessarily your thing, having a little help has its advantages for both residential and commercial spaces.

Here are a few benefits to consider:

1. You’ll have more time for yourself — Who wants to clean after they just got home from a long day at work? And who wants to deep clean over the weekend when you could be catching up on sleep, binging the latest Netflix series, relaxing by the pool, or taking your family someplace fun? By having Cox Cleaning ensure your home is immaculate, you can spend your time however you like.

2. No need to buy expensive supplies — A professional cleaning service ensures the most stubborn areas are clean and fresh. Why? It’s because they have access to the most advanced cleaning tools, most of which are difficult to find in a typical cleaning aisle at the store. That means they can clean your space faster, better, and more efficiently than you thought possible. On top of that, you won’t be burdened with spending money on a cabinet full of cleaning supplies that never quite do the job.

3. Healthier environment — Hiring a professional cleaning service for the house or workplace minimizes the amount of germs, bacteria, mold, etc., that can quickly accumulate and make you, your family, employees, and even customers sick. A clean environment is critical, especially for babies, children, and the elderly, all of whom are more susceptible to allergies and respiratory issues.

4. They’ll catch overlooked areas — Let’s be honest; there are probably a ton of places in your home or office that tend to get overlooked. This includes ceiling fans, curtains, baseboards, stair rails, doorknobs, and toilets. These and so many more high-contact areas and hard-to-reach spots are notorious for having the most dust, dirt, and germs because they’re allowed to accumulate all that nastiness over a longer period of time. A professional cleaning service leaves no stone unturned in the cleaning process.

5. Reduced sick days — Let’s piggyback off the earlier benefit of a healthier environment. The less you and your family are sick, the more you’ll be at work, school, family functions, etc. According to one study by CNBC in 2019, 90% of the employees they polled admit they have gone to work when sick. Another survey this year said that number is closer to 65%. Sick days are stressful for everyone, so one of the best ways to avoid them is to sanitize your home as often as possible. A professional cleaning service can help with this.

6. Impress your guests — Whether you’re having friends over for a game night or you’ve got a lobby full of customers at work, you never want any of those people to walk into a dirty environment. First impressions are everything — and they’ll notice. If you have lots of parties or have a customer-facing business, it makes financial sense to invest in a professional cleaning service.

7. Flexibility — One of the best parts about hiring a professional cleaning service is that they can clean as often as needed. Do you need a once-a-week deep cleaning? They can do it. If you only need it once a month, they can do that, too.

8. Improved productivity — A clean and organized space at home or in the workplace improves your focus and concentration because you’re not constantly overwhelmed by the mess that hasn’t been taken care of yet.

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