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91% of people change their sheets every other week according to a 2012 poll done by the National Sleep Foundation.  Is this you?  If so, you may need to make some changes to your habits to improve your sleep quality.  According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, weekly washings is recommended because your sheets accumulate stuff you can’t see, like dead skin cells, dust mites, pet dandruff and other pathogens..

So what can you do?  Pretty simple, wash weekly! It is recommended to wash in hot water, the hotter the water, the better.  It will help remove more bacteria, dandruff, and allergens.  If you are an over achiever, iron your sheets to give them even more protection.

So what if you want to stick with your every other week schedule?  A few tips:  shower before going to bed, do not eat or drink in the bed, do not allow your pets in the bed, do not get in the bed sweaty or after a workout, remove makeup before bed and make your bed every morning.  Small things can extend the time between washings.

So what if you don’t change them?  Well, it’s just gross! Sweat, dandruff, germs, dead skin, dust mites, hair, dirt do not provide for a good night’s sleep. 

And don’t forget about comforters, pillow cases, and pillows.  They also need to be washed on a regular basis.  They accumulate the same germs and bacteria that your sheets do.

In conclusion, the benefits of washing your sheets weekly far out way the hassle. It will feel better on your skin and help you breathe easier leading to a better night of sleep.

Be Clean, Be Happy, Be Healthy

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