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Dad’s Organization Dream!

As we look to celebrate Father’s Day Cox Cleaning would like to wish all our great Dad’s a wonderful day filled with happiness!

Father’s Day, the day of taking it easy. A day filled with grilling, sports games, and possibly a few cold ones. We thank our Dad’s for helping us with the hard things. For fixing our flat tires, putting together all of our dorm furniture or nursery cribs. Without a second thought they step in, taking away what little worries they can from our busy lives.

Before supped up “Man Caves”, there was once a place Dad’s could go to blow off some steam or just fiddle around. A place for creative dreams and continual “acceptable” amounts of clutter, the Garage.

My Dad has always called our Garage, his favorite place and his biggest project. Because like many before him, he was there when the garage was empty. Empty and filled with promise. See he was a carpenter and it was the perfect space for a “working shop” but then life and reality kicked in. It slowly became filled with boxes, holiday decorations, and every recreational transport with wheels. Now sadly it has just enough space for my Mother’s car.

So these steps are for you Dad, and for all the Dad’s out there, take back your space! Cox Cleaning will help you get your “cave” back with these organizational tips:

  1. The Transition Zone. This is a place to put all the items you grab or take off when you’re going in and out of the house. Shoes, jackets, bags, etc. find their home on shoe racks and hanging hooks. This area should be a natural transition zone; in other words, it’s a spot that’s right by the door and can be easily accessed when entering and leaving.
  2. Need It Now. Every day items like dog food, canned goods, and recyclables can be placed on shelving located by the entrance to the house. This is an area for things you need every day and can be easily reached. This is also a great place for things you don’t want taking up space in the pantry, like bulk food items.
  3. Long, Tall, Thin Storage. The name of this zone explains it all: if it’s long, tall, or thin this is the place to store it! Rakes, shovels, and other yard equipment can be hung on the walls for a non-bulky storage solution that won’t leave you squeezed for space next to parked cars.
  4. Large Item Storage. Large, rarely used items should be placed in an area that’s up high and out of the way. Camping gear and holiday décor are perfect candidates for this high, corner storage area. The less you use it, the higher it should go to free up space for more frequently used items.
  5. Frequently Used Items. Frequently used outdoor and yard gear should be placed by the garage door for easy access when you need it. Rakes, brooms, and bird feed are best stored here so you can quickly grab them when you’re outside. Sports equipment is also best suited for this area. Keep bikes and golf clubs within easy reach when you’re itching for some outdoor fun!
  6. Workspace. What are you passionate about? This is place to create a center for your favorite hobby, whether it’s gardening, woodworking, auto repair, or something else. Focus on your hobby with a versatile workbench and cabinets for plenty of storage.

A few other points to keep in mind when reorganizing your garage:

  • Keep safety in mind by placing non-child safe items up high, like chemicals and cleaners.
  • Place toys and children’s outdoor equipment, like sidewalk chalk and roller skates, down low where kids can easily reach them.
  • Always remember the correlation between ease of access and frequency of use. Often used items should be stored in the easiest-to-reach places in the garage. Rarely used items can be placed in more out-of-the-way places.

Thank you to for these great tips, and thank you to all the Dad’s out there!

Happy Fathers Day!

Be Clean, Be Happy, Be Healthy