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Get the Dirt on This…

Tile cleaning that will change the way you see your floor.

The key for a successful grout cleaning is patience. Your dirt did not get there over night, and you wont be able to remove it in an hour either. Tile grout is a rather porous substance, which allows it to absorb grease and other stains. For the best tile cleaning, skip out on those commercial cleaners. If you are anything like me, I start off with what I presume to be my strongest cleaner; I will scrub for a few minutes and see 0 results. So like every normal cleaner determined, I add in basically every other cleaning agent I have to speed up the process. In reality I am basically creating the worst chemical reaction of fog in my tiny little bathroom.

In order to get the most out of your tile cleaning, you do need a reaction just not resulting in toxic fumes. Your reaction should be the dirt lifting from the grout, and for that, you will need Baking Soda & Water. Using these two simple but powerful cleaning agents, mix together to form a paste. After a decent amount has been mixed rub over stained grout. Next the hardest part… waiting! Leave the grout paste on your tile over night, then in the morning using a stiff nylon scrubber brush, brush off the stained grout. Repeating the process is really dependent on the severity of the stain.

Remember patience is key!

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