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You Can Dance If You Want To, You Can Leave Your Dirt Behind!

Here are a few tips for all of our dance studio owners out there!

  1. Water Wont Cut It:
  • Simply using water to clean your dance floor will not do anything. Everyday dust, dirt, perspiration, and body oil are transferred to the dance floor. Water and oil are natural enemies and do not mix, so cleaning with just water will create an oily residue, making for a slippery floor.
  1. Avoid the 3 A’s:
  • Make sure to not clean your floor with Ammonia, Alcohol, or Acetone. Marely dance floors are made to roll up and be flexible. The floor is made with a plasticizer and when ammonia or alcohol is used it releases that plasticizer that cause the floor to loose flexibility and crack. Acetone will soften and melt the floor destroying your investment.
  1. Replace Your Tape:
  • All tapes have a shelf life and will become brittle if left alone for too long. It tape is left on the floor for too long, the adhesive might transfer to your floor leaving a perfect strip to collect dirt and germs. Try changing your marked tape every three months and double fixed tape every 2 years. Use a proper adhesive solvent compatible with floor surface to remove excess adhesive before applying new tape.
  1. Coke is for Drinking NOT for Cleaning:
  • Pinterest has provided the web with so many helpful and creative DIY’s for the penny saver in all of us. However, just because it might save us a buck does not mean that it will work. We have all heard of Pinterest Fails, well anytime you are consider cleaning with coke, you have won first place! Cleaning with coke WILL DISSOLVE your floor. If you are trying to create a nonslip surface, clean your floors regularly with an approved commercial wood cleaner. Another helpful tip is to eliminate the humidity from your studio by keeping a constant temperature or by adding a weighted door to your front entry which will help keep the outdoor weather away! Doing this will eliminate any unwanted moisture on your floors and mats.

We are so fortunate to have many amazing dance studios in Flower Mound that help our children learn to express themselves in such a beautiful medium. If you are looking for a wonderful dance studio to send your little ones to here are two of our favorites!

Sacred Ground Dance:  A non-competitive dance studio that focuses on building a solid foundation in technique with a creative approach. They appreciate the art of dance and desire to bring our love and joy of movement to others. For more information about Sacred Ground Dance email

Turning Point Dance Studio: A studio that takes the responsibility to prepare students with the skills they need to achieve their personal goals while building character, integrity and self-confidence. Dancers learn proper technique and vocabulary and that the movement is suitable for their age. For more information about Turning Point Dance Studio email Amy @

Be Clean, Be Happy, Be Healthy!