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Your Home’s Stair Railings and Doorknobs Are Filthier Than You Think

When sanitizing high-contact surfaces in your home, what springs to mind first? Some say countertops; others say sinks, toilets, TV remotes, trash cans, etc. None of those are wrong. But what about stair railings and doorknobs?

Stair railings and doorknobs are two of the most touched areas in your home. Trust us when we say they’re absolutely filthy, too. And yet, they aren’t cleaned and disinfected as much as they should be because most homeowners tend not to think about them when doing our own weekly cleaning. That’s not a knock against anyone in your home — it’s simply a fact of life.

But think about how often you, your family, and even guests touch these areas. It could be your kids sliding the palms of their sweaty or dirty hands down the railings as they walk. It could be your aging parents relying on the rails to get up and down the stairs.

It could also be all those parties you throw and the countless guests grabbing the doorknobs as they come and go.

The result is a laundry list (no pun intended) of bacteria and germs, including:

• E Coli


• Spore-forming bacteria

• And more …

High-Contact Surfaces Must Be Cleaned Daily

Diseases and infections are commonly spread via our respiratory systems and being in close contact with others. But they also spread via our hands. High-contact surfaces such as stair railings and doorknobs are constantly being touched by someone, thus creating a breeding ground for grime, dust, and germs that can lead to something as simple as the common cold to more contagious diseases.

It doesn’t matter if the stair railings and doorknobs were cleaned three weeks ago, and it doesn’t matter if they are made of wood, metal, or some other material. Diseases and germs can live on these materials for hours or days at a time.

Naturally, it’s important to stay consistent with your cleaning routine.

Here are simple step-by-step instructions to properly clean and disinfect your stair railings and doorknobs:

Step 1: Dampen a microfiber cloth and run it lightly over each handrail and doorknob. This helps remove surface-level dirt and dust.

Step 2: If you run your dry hands over the surface, it should feel smooth. If it doesn’t, grab your nearest bottle of all-purpose cleaner.

Step 3: Spray and wipe the surface until dry.

Step 4: Please repeat these steps for hard-to-remove stains or grime.

Step 5: If you’d like, close out your cleaning process with a wood polish of your choice to bring out the perfect shine.

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