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8 Tips to Help Bring Your Backyard to Life

  1. Lighting
    Summer nights in your backyard won’t be complete without some lighting to gather around.
    Whether its string lights, lanterns, or a trendy outdoor chandelier, lighting will help bring a
    space together. Something as easy as a few string lights above your patio can add
  2. Outdoor Furniture
    Long lasting lounge chairs will guarantee you and your family put your backyard to use this
    summer. You can even go as far to match your cushions with your backyard theme and keep
    a cohesive look. Layering a rug under some chairs or a table could be a great addition to
    your existing space outside.
  3. Gardening
    The easiest quick fix to make a yard come back to life is mulch and a few flowers. Research
    what flowers flourish in your current climate and begin planting! Raised pots and different
    sized plants can add variety to a space.
  4. Firepits
    Firepits are great for family space! There are many options when it comes to pricing and
    sizes. It is a great idea for spaces used for entertainment.
  5. Yard Games
    Speaking of entertainment, yard games are cheap and easy ideas to get your kids to utilize
    your backyard. Giant Jenga and cornhole are inexpensive yard games all ages can use!
  6. Storage
    If you have a pool, you know how much supply comes with it. A storage bin or closet
    outside for pool supplies is a quick and easy fix to tidy up your backyard.
  7. Shade
    In the hot summer temperatures, it’s always a great idea to add some sort of shading in
    your backyard. Gazebos are great for spaces that are used for entertaining. Along with a
    colorful umbrella, they can add so much charm to an outdoor space.
  8. Bug Repellent
    During those months like April and June it’s always a great idea to get some mosquito
    repellent. Tiki torches with bug repellent are great for keeping the bugs away, and they add
    lighting to your space at the same time

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